Guided Tour

The interface is divided into four tabs. Each tab contains controls for a different section of the synthesizer. To the right of the tabs is the currently loaded preset. Press on it to open the preset browser. The master volume can be opened by clicking the volume icon in the top right. This volume control is separate from your device volume.

Pegboard is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. The Synth tab controls parameters for each voice. All voices are then routed through the modules on the Effects tab. The Matrix tab opens a modulation matrix, which allows you to modulate many of the synth parameters. The voice count and pitch bend range can be adjusted on the settings tab.

Two features are not available in the Free tier. First, you cannot save your own presets. Second, you cannot connect the app to other devices via MIDI. These features require an upgrade and are available in the Pro tier of Pegboard. The upgrade is available as an in-app purchase.

The keyboard highlights the notes of the current scale. The default scale is C major, so the white keys are the same as those on a piano. More on this in the next chapter. For now, we recommend getting a feel for the layout. Give it a try and improvise a riff or two.