“Anything is possible. We’re not limited by technology, we’re not limited by the computer. We’re limited only by our mind-sets.”

–Don Buchla

Most instruments are difficult to learn to play and take many years to master. Pegboard is desgined to make playing and composing music more intuitive. It is built around a special keyboard, but we’ll get to that later. For now, think of Pegboard as a new type of instrument that can be used on many different devices.

This manual will teach you how to use Pegboard effectively. If you’re a beginner, we recommend reading through this entire manual. If you are familiar with synthesizers, Isomorphic Keyboard will get you up and running quickly. MIDI Settings has instructions for connecting to your DAW.

Pegboard is under active development and is updated regularly. This manual is updated along with the product. It’s recommended to check back to learn about new features. If there is a feature you think the app is missing, please email support and let us know. Your feedback helps us make the product better.