Preset Browser

“For me, electronic music is like cooking: it’s a sensual organic activity where you can mix ingredients.”

–Jean-Michel Jarre

The preset browser is opened by tapping on the preset dropdown in the header. There are 70 factory presets included with Pegboard. User presets can be accessed through the preset filter in the top right. Creating and saving presets is only available in the Pro tier of Pegboard.

Presets store the synth and effect parameters, they do not store keyboard parameters. Unsaved changes are indicated by an asterisk in the preset dropdown. Currently the save process is manual so it’s recommended to save changes often.

The app currently does not have an undo or revert feature. Make sure you’re happy with your changes before you save. There is no way to recover the original once you do.

Your presets are saved in a local database and they are not saved outside of the app. Read the chapter on Exporting Presets for more information on moving your data.