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Pegboard is the ultimate mobile synth and MIDI keyboard that simplifies playing music and unleashes your creativity. Pegboard is an advanced mobile wavetable synthesizer with a virtual analog filter. It's perfect for sound design, writing melodies, and controlling other instruments or software as a MIDI controller. With Pegboard, you can explore harmony and create your own unique riffs effortlessly.

The synthesizer consists of 12 standard modules and 6 effects modules. The two wavetable oscillators allow you to design and create complex and rich sounds. The wavetables can be manipulated in countless ways, giving you endless possibilities to experiment and express your creativity.

Pegboard also includes several harmonic keyboard layouts that highlight scales. These layouts greatly simplify playing chords, borrowing chords, and modulating between keys, giving you an intuitive feel for harmony. These layouts set Pegboard apart from traditional music theory apps that impose constraints and can be uninspiring.

With over 400 unique scales and 70 factory presets, Pegboard offers a vast range of sounds to inspire your creativity as both a MIDI player and a MIDI controller. You can play up to eight notes simultaneously with the app's eight-voice polyphony, and shape your sound with six effect modules including reverb, delay, and distortion. You can also customize your sound and save your own unique presets.

Pegboard can be used with a sequencer or MIDI keyboard, allowing you to have even more control over your music creation as a MIDI player or a MIDI controller. Use the app with your favorite DAW or MIDI software, or with a sequencer or MIDI keyboard to take your music production to the next level.

In the free version of Pegboard, you can enjoy unlimited use of the app without any ads. You can play with the full range of features, including the full synth, effects, and keyboard editor, and access the entire factory preset library.

Upgrade to pro to access even more advanced features. The pro tier includes unlimited saved presets, MIDI over USB for seamless integration with other MIDI-enabled devices, and cross-platform sync to keep your music projects organized.

In summary, Pegboard is the perfect mobile synth, touch keyboard, and MIDI controller for anyone who wants to explore harmony and create their own unique sounds. With multiple keyboard layouts, over 400 scales, and 70 factory presets, Pegboard makes improvisation and sound design easy and intuitive. Download Pegboard for free today and unlock the full potential of your creativity.

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