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Anything is possible. We're not limited by technology, we're not limited by the computer. We're limited only by our mindsets.

— Don Buchla

Pegboard is a mobile polyphonic wavetable synthesizer. It features a customizable isomorphic keyboard. Sound is synthesized using two oversampled and optimized wavetable oscillators. It is built around 12 synth modules and 6 effect modules. The software features over 130 parameters and a 16-row modulation matrix. With its extensive array of parameters and modulation options, Pegboard allows you to craft intricate soundscapes that capture your musical vision.

Synth Overview

Subtractive synthesis works by generating a complex sound and then "subtracting" elements from it to create the desired sound. It is one of the earliest and most popular methods of sound synthesis. Wavetable synthesis uses a series of pre-recorded waveforms, called wavetables, to generate sound. Wavetables are essentially snapshots of different waveforms, each with its own unique harmonic content, and these waveforms can be traversed to generate evolving timbres. Pegboard uses a combination of these two synthesis methods.

The earliest synths were monophonic, meaning they could only play one note at a time. Modern synthesizers are polyphonic which allows you to play chords and complex arrangements. Each of these channels are what is known as a synthesizer voice.

Sound synthesis begins from the sound generators. In Pegboard, this includes two wavetable oscillators and the noise module. These generated signals are then mixed and processed by the virtual analog filter. This removes some of the harmonics and helps shape the sound. The signal then passes on to the amplifier, through the effect modules, and finally to your speakers.

The LFO and ENV modules are control signal generators. They are used to control and modulate other synth parameters. LFO stands for Low Frequency Oscillator and generates a continuously oscillating signal. ENV stands for envelope and generates a signal with a beginning, middle, and end. In Pegboard, ENV 1 is hard wired to control the amplifier gain. These modulation sources are connected to synth parameters using the modulation matrix.