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Preset Explorer

For me, electronic music is like cooking: it's a sensual organic activity where you can mix ingredients.

— Jean-Michel Jarre

The preset explorer allows you to manage all of your saved presets. In the header, press on the preset dropdown to open the explorer. Here you will see a list of the 70 included factory presets. The factory presets are built in and cannot be modified. All modifiable presets are stored in the user bank, which can be selected from the menu on the left.

User Bank

Saving presets and sync are Pro features. Pro tier also includes additional features like MIDI connection and custom themes.

User presets are saved to your device. On Android, they are stored in the app bundle. On iOS, they are stored in your Documents folder. Presets are designed to work cross-platform. They can be transferred manually or by using the sync feature. The button with the clockwise arrows initiates a sync. Sync works over LAN, so all of the devices syncing must be connected to the same local network.

The preset menu can be accessed through the button on the right of the header. This menu allows you to rename and change other preset metadata. The rescan preset feature regenerates the user preset list from the filesystem. This is useful for detecting changes after moving presets around manually. On Android, the menu also includes import and export options. This feature will import or export the entire user bank, allowing for easy transfer and backup. On iOS, this is not necessary as presets are directly acessible from your device.

It is recommended to keep some sort of backup of your saved presets. This can be accomplished by simply keeping backups for your whole device. Alternatively, you can periodically export your presets and store them elsewhere. While it's a bit of extra work, it will prevent you from losing your data if your device is damaged, lost, or stolen.