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  • Theme: Pegboard supports custom theme colours. This is a Pro tier feature.
  • Language: Use a different language than the system default.
  • Restore Purchase: Restore a previously purchased Pro tier upgrade.
  • Tempo: Used with synth modules that support tempo sync.

MIDI Settings

MIDI is a Pro feature. Pro tier also includes additional features like preset sync and custom themes.

The software can be used as a MIDI controller and can be controlled with MIDI. The MIDI link can only be made over USB. Wireless MIDI is not supported. Many hosts do not support the hot-plugging of USB devices. It's best to connect the device before launching your DAW. Otherwise, the DAW may require a relaunch for your device to appear.

  1. Connect device to computer via USB.
  2. In the notification drawer, change the connection mode to MIDI.*
  3. Launch Pegboard.
  4. Tap "Rescan" in the MIDI settings.

*Some Android devices won't display the connection mode in the notification drawer. In this case, search for "USB Preferences" in the Settings app.


  • Tuning: Import a custom tuning from a .scl or .kbm file.